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Well, let's see what there is to tell about us.

After having lived in Germany since birth (and both our children are born there as well), we decided to move to Australia in 1987. For the next 4 years we lived in Sydney until my job brought us on a temporary assignment to Singapore. So, the entire family moved up north in 1991 and that's where Sonja finished her high school. End of 1992 I got called back to Australia, Sydney again, and we stayed there until 1994.

I followed another job opportunity and Rosmarie, Martin and I moved to Hong Kong where we stayed for the next 2 years. That's where Martin finished his high school. At the end of 1996 we moved to Singapore again, this time without Martin. He went back to Australia to study computer science at UTS in Sydney.

Rosmarie and I stayed in Singapore until 2002 when we moved back to Sydney. 1 year later I decided to "semi-retire" and we sold our house in Sydney to move up north to Doonan, a beautiful place on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, only minutes away from Noosa and the most beautiful beaches. Hmm, sounds a bit like a real estate ad...... - but it is true.

Well, here we are enjoying every day. I still work as a consultant from home and do training courses for wireless communication applications, mainly RFID, and design web sites for small companies around here. If you are interested in that part look at my companies web site in the links section.

Our latest adventure started in December 2009. We turned our home into a Bed and Breakfast and would like to see you as our guest soon. Please check out the website:


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